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Summer Camp

Below are the Programs we offer for Summer vacation 2019

To know More about our Program, Please Check this :  All details will be sent to the email address provided

Junior Robotics (Age 7 to 10)

  • Junior Robotics Program is designed for students of age 7 to 9, with lessons to get them introduce and interested in Technical Learning & Engineering
  • There will be simple easy to understand lessons in Robots including Building Robots, Sensors, Progamming, Logic Development etc.
  • Lessons will be provided using kids friendly Kits and Tools. Students build the robots, and program the Robot to do actions. TThe Robotics-based educational tool can be used for learning and can be extended to several other areas of science and engineering.
  • Programming tool used is SCRATCH and BLOCKLY. These are Kids friendly programming software developed by google and MIT for Students.
  • All Lessons are covered with Hands on Experiments & Practical sessions.

Advanced Robotics (Age 11+)

  • Advanced Robotics is for senior students of age 11 and above. In Advanced Robotics Program, training will be provided to students in Robotics & Electronics based training kits.
  • Students start with Robot Assembly/Mechanical lessons and then continues to add more Sensors, Mechanical, Motion parts and Develop Programs for the Robot. They also learn to use Electronics & Programmable boards which are brains of any Robotic or Automatic system.
  • The Electronics Platform we use is a common and popular development board used worldwide, and for Programming, we mostly use SCRATCH. The electronics kit is highly extensible and learning these will be helping the students to develop their own projects outside the course curriculum.
  • Interested students can also learn introduction to C coding with practical experiments.
30 Hours Course Includes below Activities
Robot Building
Programming Robots
Learning About Sensors
Experiments with Lights, Sounds & Motion
Line follower Robot
Obstacle Sensing Robot
Light Sensor Robot
Remote Control Robot
Robots with sensors combined
Robo Games (Robo Football, Robo War)
Learning About Circuits, Connections & Wiring
LEDS, Light Programming
Sensors : Analog/Digital Sensor
Projects with Sensors
Sample Electronics & Sensors Projects Include
o SampleChristmas Lights
o Traffic Lights Programming
o Burglar Alarm
o Motion Sensors
o Rain Sensors systems
o Moisture Sensing plant watering system
o Water level controller & lot more…

Doha, Al Wakra, Al khor, Qatar