About Us

Qatar Robotics Club is committed to STEAM literacy through Gaming, Electronics and Robotics. We believe that early learning robotics introduces STEAM concepts in a playful manner, and even the youngest learners are thrilled by science, technology, engineering, arts and math!

We are here to deliver e-learning solutions to students who attain their fundamental knowledge with enjoyable, entertaining lessons to become our next Scientist, Developer, Teacher or Engineer. And also serve to offer STEM learning kits which are used to develop these courses.

We believe to introduce gamification in educational context. Each of our course follows this approach of adding elements like storytelling, Challenges to clear, Fantasy games, trial and error learning, feedback and reward system. Our lessons are full of fun, tinkering, electrification and challenges at every move.

Our program is developed by former students from top universities who have experience working with all sorts of ages. Our teachers are trained to recognize the cognitive capacity of children and to personally shape their instructional practices, who will accept student’s mistakes and provide space for innovation.

Our Mission

It is our mission to break down barriers to digital learning and robotics. We believe that learning should be a lifelong process and that there is a right for all to develop their abilities. We want to expand opportunities by offering access to education, delivering what you need, in a position you can reach when you need it.

Our Vision

Our aim is to introduce students to technology which is progressive. We want to build a community in which people extend their awareness, interest and relation to electronic and computer learning through a realistic learning environment.

Meet the Team

Learn from our best instructors.

Margaret Susan

Marketing Executive

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Elizabeth Blackwell

Business Manager

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David Givens

Graphic Designer

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Clients Feedback

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