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Robotics Courses
We all agree that kids have more creativity than adults. Have you heard stories of robots entering your child’s dream world? What if we say that we are here to give young designers the power to build a robot and learn how to code it. The value of introducing robotics to your child would make them learn programming, electronics and principles of robotics in one place. This will improve their imaginative capacity and become inventive thinkers. Also Robotics education has turned the child’s view of the real world into a quest for more opportunities to use the skills they learned. In this lesson students will experiment to practice STEM concepts with mBot robot kit. Learning Objectives:
  • Fresh ideas to inspire others:
Kids have the ability to transform the junk into an art piece. When we give them a bunch of nuts, bolts and sensors to experiment, they turn them into an exceptional product. Our trainers will boost child imagination by giving knowledge of all electronics parts of mBot and teach them how to program it. We encourage students to shape the usability of mbot, and to make learning more interesting.
  • Coding robots is fun way to learn programming:
Programming has always been an important skill in preparing the students for potential challenges. And robotics tends to be the perfect way to teach students how to program in fun and fascinating ways. Imagine asking a student to build a basic “Hello World” code using script and on the other hand make the same “hello world” program using a robot, where robot utter “hello world” when we execute the code. Which method is fun? We will use Block coding to instruct mBot. Through this course, student will learn foundational programming skills like Events, Conditions, Variables, Operators and Loops.
  • Robot help to understand STEM concepts:
The mBot curriculum is structures to integrate STEM principles into individual experiments, enabling a child to understand and apply it practically. While working with mBot motors, students can understand the definition like energy, momentum, speed, velocity. If they make mBot push in square, circle, and Zig zag forms, they immediately apply mathematical logic. Students will know about electricity and power supply as they deal with LED’s. mBot robot can help a student learn complex concepts in fun way and boost his academic performance and improve concentration.
  • Be cool when you making mistakes:
No code will execute without errors. If a student notices a bug in his program, he needs to question it and rectify it. Solving an error will always be a frustrating part, but errors seems to make mBot do silly actions which in turn make the class more exciting and funnier. mBot gives the child a good vibe for acknowledging his mistake and debugging his error. Debugging a program can improve students programming skills and enhance problem solving skills.
  • Prepare them for future:
Robotics is an industry that forms the landscape of the future and creates multiple opportunities in STEM. Growing sectors such as these need to be introduced to young innovators willing to take on new challenges. This is the perfect age for children to discover their career goal and motivation.

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  • Duration10 week
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  • LanguageEnglish
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