Why Coding?

Coding is the literacy of today’s generation and learning coding helps to practice 21st century skills such as problem solving, team work and analytical thinking. Whether you want to be an engineer, designer, a teacher, nurse or web developer you will need digital skills because every firm rely on their own software which always needs an in-house programmer support.

Demand for coding is only growing, opening more career possibilities for students interested in computer programming.  Through computational skills student gains confidence in dealing with uncertainty in complex situations.

They will show persistence in working through challenging problems and enhance ability to communicate and work with others to achieve a common goal or solution. Learning coding turns a child into creator. 

When a child develop passion for a content, they work longer and create deeper connections to discover more about it. We would like to give same coding experience to the kids through our courses. We designed to introduce coding to kids through Gamming, Electronics and Robotics.

Coding help students to achieve these skills:

  • Procedural thinking
  • Algorithm writing
  • Problem solving skills thought trial and error method
  • Creativity
  • Game programming
  • Math and science skills
  • Knowledge about computers
  • Logical thinking
  • Abstraction
  • Algorithmic thinking
  • Testing and Debugging skills
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